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Tiffin University, over 20 years of academic excellence in Romania

by Elena Paraschiv-Pop

The year 2023 marked several special moments in the history of Tiffin University: 135 years of activity in the United States of America, the graduation of the first generation of undergraduate students in business administration in Romania, but also the graduation of the twentieth generation of EMBA in Romania. After the ceremony organized in April in the USA, the month of October was reserved for the celebration in Romania which brought together graduates of several generations of master’s in business administration, teachers and members of the board of directors from the USA and Romania.

Hundreds of Romanian professionals have graduated from the EMBA program

Lillian Schumacher, the President of Tiffin University, was present at the event organized on Friday, October 20 of this year, and noted that „Romania is a country that values education, and the students of the master’s programs demonstrated a high degree of interest and professionalism, expectations being higher from one year to another. The learning model proposed by us led both to the success of Tiffin in Romania, and to the success and professional development of our master’s students. Our university has an excellent reputation, develops valuable academic programs, has competent teachers, boasts outstanding students and offers a pleasant and friendly environment.”

Mioara Iofciulescu (left) și Lillian Schumacher (right)

The master’s program in business administration dedicated to professionals has been running in Romania since 2001 and has had hundreds of graduates, employees of large companies or successful entrepreneurs, people who benefited from an extraordinary academic experience that had a significant contribution to their career development. „The power of the team is the essential thing I learned during this EMBA. Much of the success of a project depends on how prepared the colleagues are, on their level of involvement and interest. And I had the opportunity to work with professionals in various fields of activity, with whom I shared extraordinary experiences. I would have liked to see more women in this program, and I hope that both companies and society in general will support women’s access to top educational resources”, said Mioara Iofciulescu, CEO of Atlantis Romania.

American bachelor’s degree obtained in Romania

Starting 2020, the Faculty of Business Administration at Tiffin University offers undergraduate programs conducted in Romania, with American professors, learning by doing being the essential method proposed to students to encounter specific commercial situations and to find effective solutions in real time, developing leadership skills, critical thinking and teamwork. It is a comprehensive experience with a focus on tangible results that changes the perspective on business and anchors students into reality. The studies are completed with an internationally accredited diploma, issued by Tiffin University in the USA and recognized all over the world, including by the Romanian Ministry of Education. The year 2023 marked the graduation of the first generation of business administration bachelor students, among them being certainly names that will write history in the business world.

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